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Bathtub Re-glazing

We offer professional porcelain (steel or cast iron) and fiberglass bathtub re-glazing and refinishing services for your home, condo or apartment. Get in touch with us today to start benefiting from our outstanding services.


Tile Re-finishing

Don't replace your tile instead let us Refinish it. Sometimes the little things make all the difference. With our Wall Tile Refinishing services, we’ll be able to transform your existing tile showers, kitchen backsplash & tub surrounds. We change the color of your tile, repair your damaged tile and seal your grout lines. Your tile will be sealed and a breeze to clean!

Sink Re-finishing

When a bathroom or kitchen sink becomes damaged and worn, the common solution is just to replace it. Why suffer through the expense and hassle of replacing it, when Torran can easily restore your sink to its original look. Our process repairs any surface damage and protects it from any future damage. We can match the original color or your can choose from our many color choices.

Bathroom Sinks

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